Floral Headpiece


Handmade ByMe is about love and happiness. Since behind Handmade ByMe is really one woman – me – let me continue in first person.


My first attempt to knit a sleeveless vest for my favorite doll, thanks to my mother's help, was a huge success: not only the doll, but also a two-month old puppy looked very elegant in it! Ever since I enjoyed learning new ways to create beautiful things with my own hands and make people happy.


Each bag you see here is made with lots of love. I enjoy every step in the making of them: starting from shopping for yarns, searching for colors and textures, finding inspiring ideas for designs, all the way to the actual execution.


Some of the Handmade ByMe bags I designed myself, some are inspired by the works of all the wonderful authors who share their designs online (many thanks to Katy Handmade).  


All the Handmade ByMe bags are made of quality materials and accessories. Some of the materials used in the making of the Handmade ByMe bags are bought online and sometimes there are delays in deliveries, but I have made a stock and I am confident that I will be able to create the bag you want in a reasonable time.


I am not versed in the art of making a good brand story, but I feel the need to share this with you:


When I began thinking about starting my own little business almost a year ago, after I had more than a fair share of stress, which started to affect my health, I entered the world of positive thinking people whose creativity, enthusiasm, dedication and love for their work encouraged me to make further steps ahead. I am so happy for working with such talented people and grateful for their contagious positive energy. Thanks also to them; I am able to present here my work.


All that is now left is for Handmade ByMe bags to make you happy. It’s your turn.